The First Chartered Branch of the NAACP | Established, 1911


Join the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and become one of the hundreds of thousands of Freedom Fighters across the globe! The work of the Association – equality and justice for all – depends on the support and participation of caring and progressive individuals like you. A stronger NAACP with a larger more active membership is the best hope for protecting our freedom and advancing our rights.

Why Should You Join?

  • Unquestionably, the lives of all Americans would be different if there were no NAACP, and the progress we have achieved might still be a dream deferred.
  • We are able and committed to holding people, governments, businesses and the judicial system accountable.
  • History dictates that prosperity and equality are enjoyed when people take inventory—and ultimately take action.
  • To align yourself with an organization that represents your interests and protects your rights.
  • The NAACP was born out of the bloodshed of many individuals who believed in the equality and well being of future generations, which includes you and me.
  • We need to prepare our children to exercise their rights now so that they are equipped to effect changes as our future leaders.
  • To Young People: The fight for justice and equality continues. Don’t just assess our progress based on your current circumstances but look to the millions who’s dreams are unfulfilled

The NAACP Boston Branch, the first branch chartered in 1911, has been a leading entity within the organization’s 100 plus year history.  It is from this city and out of Boston Branch leadership that legislation, court decisions, programs and policies improving the lives of people of color have had a ripple effect, influencing the nation.


The Boston Branch appreciates your interest in joining or renewing your membership with the NAACP. We ask that you click here to download and complete the form and submit with payment using either check or money order and send the completed form with payment to:

Boston Branch NAACP
P O Box: 301779
Boston, MA 02130


NOTE: If you would prefer to pay your membership via credit card, please contact Cheryl Clyburn Crawford at