The First Chartered Branch of the NAACP | Established, 1911

The Boston Branch is proud to serve as the host branch for the 2020 NAACP National Convention.  We welcome our NAACP family, guests, partners and friends to join us in Boston July 25-29, 2020!


We also invite you to learn more about and join us for the 2020 National ACT-SO competition in Boston July 23-26, 2020.  Visit the NAACP national website for more information and contact us via email for information about the local ACT-SO program in Boston.


Additional details regarding the Convention will be provided during the Fall 2019, but we look forward to hearing from you with your ideas and hopes for the Convention and the time leading up to it.  If you have questions or concerns, we want to receive those as well.  It is our hope that this Convention will provide Boston residents, especially our Black community, with an opportuntiy to work together to not only show the best of Boston in July 2020, but to really help address some of the racial inequities that persist in this City.  Together, with intentionality, focus and dedication, we have the power to challenge racism and the structures that support it.  The Convention provides the perfect backdrop for our collaborative efforts.


From this site we will share updates, send surveys, make announcements and keep you informed on the NAACP movement.  If you are interested in volunteering for for the Convention or if you are looking for vendor opportunities, please submit the form below and we will reach out to you starting in September 2019.  


We also encourage you to join us for a meeting and by becoming a member.  For as much as we may share on this site, our membership will always receive the most up to date information and access to opportuntiies through our monthly meetings.

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